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I went down the rabbit hole. The Labyrinth Jareth/Sarah fanvid rabbit hole. Lost about 6 hours to it over two days. I forgot there is a reason why I don't watch Labyrinth fanvids. They are such a time suck. But this one was so good, I had to put it here so I can find it again.

And this one:

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2 swear words if you watch it in front of kids.

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A very interesting musical story thing. I really love this sort of alternative to live TV. It deals with depression, bullying, mental health, parental death, and parental abandonment. But it is really good. My favorite part is when all 5 kids are sitting around the table having dinner and singing about how hard it all is to have been abandoned by their dad after their mom died. Especially the youngest.

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Yes, I know it is Thursday, but I found this vid by xMemoryLanex3 several weeks ago and I keep forgetting to actually post it on a Tuesday. This one really reminds me of how bittersweet the relationship was between the Doctor and Rose, both with Nine and Ten. This one doesn't just make me sad, it has moments of light as well, but predominantly it makes me weepy, so it qualifies. And I really, really love this song.

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So I was just saying how songs don't really inspire me when it comes to writing, but once in a rare while a song will just grab me and make me think it would be so perfect for a fic. This one makes me think of a slightly angsty Ten2 and Rose. And I can see them both frequenting bars, trying to ease the pain of so many lost things with alcohol.

I particularly like these lines for them:

The potential you'll be,
That you'll never see (Rose thinking it about Ten2, how he'll never see that he is and could be as great as he once was as a full Time Lord, maybe even better)

And I'll make you okay
And Drive the away
The images stuck in your head (And doesn't that just seem like Rose, that she would try to do this for him?)

Then this:

Of people that you've been before
That you don't want around anymore
They push and shove and won't bend to your will
I'll keep them still (Because of course he has been many different people, many different versions of him, some of whom he really seemed to hate, and she could help him still those thoughts)

And this:

And I'll make you mine, keep you apart
Deep in my heart, separate from the rest
Where I like you the best (Because she'd have to, wouldn't she? She'd have to separate him from Nine and Ten a bit to deal with the situation and deal with the fact that he's the only one who never left her, so she could convince him of this and convince herself).

I'd sure like it if a fic could come out of this. Maybe on the drive down to Portland this weekend I'll give it a go. I need to get my Doctor/Rose mojo back. This song would just make a great vid for them, too, wouldn't it?
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Okay, it's a little after midnight and it's not technically Tuesday anymore, but so what. I found a good one.

I should be back posting again tomorrow. I had a bad week. Patricia died. Then Sweetie Belle died. Hence the trolling of youtube for tearjerker Doctor/Rose vids to make me feel...better. Yeah, I'm like that.

Today's vid rec is by xMemoryLanex and is a lovely AU vid of Ten/Rose with cameos by Eleven and the War!Doctor.

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It's been a while since I've hit on a vid that felt poignant enough to do a Tuesday Tears rec. This one is short but it definitely tugs on the heart strings. The melody is haunting and Eleven's angst is always nice to see. I love it when he is so clearly missing Rose on the show, but it's rare. Fortunately it is less rare in vids.

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I am so tired my tiredness is tired.

Sleep is elusive.

My little boy turned 13 today and had a proper teenage meltdown.

Life is crazy.

And there are too many people in my brain right now.

But no Tuesday Tears. Instead I bring you a Nine/Rose vid that takes every subtextual moment between them and makes it sexier than it was. Doesn't go as far as I'd like, but further than I've seen. A couple clips from Secret Diary and the F-word used a couple times in this song, so not safe for work. Also, why do people not make sexy Nine/Rose vids more often? There are a ton of clips of CE and BP doing the dirty on video out there. Do they exist and I just can't find them? Anyway, here you go.

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Okay, I'm cheating a little this week, because this isn't a completely "tear your heart out of your chest and stomp on it, leave you bawling with snot streams" vid. It is more of a "tremendously stirring, slightly scary, devastatingly sad and epic, makes you want to write reunion fic, don't even tell me they weren't completely and utterly in love with and devoted to each other" vid. So I think that counts.

I haven't seen a song match the spirit of the Doctor and Rose in a long time. The clips went brilliantly with the song, and though I don't generally like it when the singers/band are included with the Doctor and Rose, this time it doesn't detract from the impact, it adds to it. Like these two singers are pouring out their hearts simply for the relationship that is Doctor/Rose. Also less common clips were used, a lot from Tooth and Claw and The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit. Of course Doomsday but the better ones. The editing was wonderful.

DW Vid Rec

Jan. 29th, 2013 10:09 am
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Okay, so I know it's Tuesday, but I couldn't find a proper tearjerker vid that felt right this week, so instead of angst, I bring you some Tenth Doctor is Crazy. Always an acceptable substitute in my book.

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Nine/Rose this week. Not much to say about this one, it just struck my fancy, wasn't a commonly vidded song for Doctor Who, and was nicely put together.

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Sometimes in missing Nine as much as I do, I forget how much I miss Ten, also. It's vids like this that remind me. I miss the way his heart could break. I miss the way he could break my heart.

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I've seen this song vidded a lot to basically any immortalish type relationship out there, but it somehow seems so much more fitting for these two. Rory definitely did put the time in, didn't he? And the love. It's a weepy one. Of course it is. It's Tuesday.

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Almost everything I have loved about Doctor Who since I was a little kid all rolled into one vid. I just really love the scope of it all.


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