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All Personal Entries in this Journal Will Now be Locked.

Fic Shall Remain Open

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All Personal Entries in this Journal Will Now be Locked.

Fic Shall Remain Open

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This Master Fic List is Under Construction.  I will be adding links in on a daily basis, so bear with me while I get this up to speed.  It is 99% completed at this point.  It is mostly Doctor Who and broken down by Doctor, but my meager Fringe and Castle drabbles are at the end.

Nine, Ten, Ten2 and Eleven )

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This Master Fic List is Under Construction.  I will be adding links in on a daily basis, so bear with me while I get this up to speed.  It is 99% completed at this point.  It is mostly Doctor Who and broken down by Doctor, but my meager Fringe and Castle drabbles are at the end.

Nine, Ten, Ten2 and Eleven )

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I started working on the book again today. I had to skip ahead a couple of chapters from where I left off because the next chapter wasn't wanting to come out. I wrote 1008 words on that chapter and during the creative process there I figured out what I needed to figure out for the chapter that didn't want to come out. I am going to write some more on the one I am currently working on, though, before heading back to it. What was coming out was stuff I need to lead up to, and now I can. Well, tomorrow I can. But I am writing again and I did achieve flow state, so yay me!

Now that my brain is functioning again, I need to set some rules for my Youtube watching habit, which has been heading into major time wasting mode. That was fine when I was sick, but I am well enough to be productive and upright again, so no more of that. So, no Youtube until I've written 1000 words, then I can watch a half hour, then 1000 more words, and another half hour, then finish the chapter and then I don't care.

More and more backstory is coming into my head, too. I definitely will have to write the novel that precedes this one, even if it is set several decades prior to this one. There also might be one set between the two when Davina, Zyreece and Corwin were apprentices and into their adulthood, that also covers up to the birth of Davina's third child. I think ending with her birth would set up the novel I'm working on nicely, but...I have to flesh out all the ideas I am having for that one. I am dumping ideas into a file as they come to me, so they don't sidetrack me, but I also don't lose them.

Alright, back to the novel. It is good to be making progress again.
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I am so tired of this flipping cold. I'm coughing again and it is keeping me up. The trip to Seattle really set me back. It is making it impossible to work on the book. I lack so much focus. I am, however, dreaming this series in my head like crazy. I don't generally remember my dreams, but this week I have and they are very vivid. My main OTP has been very active in my dream life. Which is great, because I am remembering it all, but I don't have the energy to write it out right now. I am jotting notes, but that is the extent of it. I really hope I remember it all.

If I still feel this crappy after Christmas, I will drag myself to the doctor and make sure this didn't do something dramatic, like turn into walking pneumonia. I probably need steroids and antibiotics. If I get the former, I should get a boat load of writing done, though.

We did find a doctor who is willing to do the surgery on my daughter at Virginia Mason, despite the risk factors. So the trip to Seattle was worth it. VM is much better than the UW doctor, who didn't care at all. The doctor gave her nerve pain blockers since opiods don't work. First relief she's had since she was 16. She's sleeping through the night again.

They will be calling later this week to schedule the surgery. I am just so glad someone is finally willing to do something.
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It's nice to see so many people coming back to LJ and Dreamwidth. I have hopes that the Tumblr/Twitter debacle will bring a few more people trickling back in.

I finally woke up with unblocked ears today. I am not sure if I had two different things or one thing evolved into something else, but it was pretty vile. I think it started as bronchitis and then evolved into a head cold. All I know is today I can hear properly again. It was not the flu. No joint pain or muscle aches and no headache. All just respiratory. I slept a lot. Probably 14 to 16 hours a day for several days. I still don't feel normal, but I think by tomorrow I should be able to start cooking dinner again.

I am going to try to work on the book a little tonight and try to get some writing time in tomorrow. It depends how well I am able to focus. I haven't even looked at it in ten days. But I have been doing some thinking the last couple of days, mostly on how Callais is going to react to another character's ultimatum. I have three ways I can go with it and I've been dithering with which one to choose. I may have to write out each one and then decide which one I like better. I hate to waste time writing out scenes I won't use, but sometimes that is the best way to do things.

I did figure out something to do for a marriage ritual, like how Jewish people break a glass or how some black people jump the broom, or some cultures do a hand-fasting ceremony, or how Westeros has the man put his cloak around the woman to bring her under his protection.

More and more plot elements of the following book are coming together as well and also I've got so much history and back story I could do a prequel. Or make that book one. We'll see. Okay, enough procrastinating. Time to open Word and write at least 500 words just to get me back in the swing of it again.
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It's been a crap week for writing. Well, the last seven days. I did write chapter sixteen and then got about 1000 words into chapter seventeen and decided that I didn't want that scene to happen so early in the story. So I put the scene in my cut scene folder and then stared at the new blank chapter seventeen for a long time and then closed it up and then promptly came down with bronchitis. Or what I think is bronchitis. It might just be the creeping crud, but it hurts in the bronchials, especially when I cough, which I am trying not to do, but it is almost impossible. Add to that that I am allergic to most cough medicine/cough drops and I am pretty miserable. I'd make up a batch of elderberry syrup if I felt better. I hope this leaves soon. I hate feeling like my temperature is 8000 degrees.

I have been doing a lot of plot thinking though, which is about all I have been good for the past three days, although I did manage to make dinner tonight (thank you Instant Pot). I've got more and more things figured out. I don't think I am going to finish this book as quickly as I had hoped, but I am making progress and I think I just have to give myself a break. I can make up for it when my brain isn't busy trying to leak out my ear. Which really, really needs to stop like yesterday.

I hope I wake up feeling better tomorrow.


Nov. 29th, 2018 10:05 pm
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I didn't get anything done on the writing front today and only a little yesterday. Yesterday my hands were still too sore from my massive writing session to do much. Today I spent about an hour coming up with a pen name. Honestly, a lot of the ones I wanted to use were taken and it was a real pain in the butt to find something that I liked and that flows easily from a pen. I also found the hosting site and the template I am going to use when I set up my author's website. At least my starter site. If I am actually successful at this thing I will then probably get a website designer, but who knows how long success could take?

I watched some videos on transitioning from being a fanfiction writer to being a book writer. I did find some of the stuff was stuff I was doing, but a lot of it I had already phased out of my writing. The rest I am working on not doing! I've been watching videos on plotting and on marketing. I'm not sure about the latter at this point, but the former I've got a good handle on. I've also been watching ones on motivation with writing and on how to write more often. There is some really good info on Youtube.

What I did do was figure out some major plot points while not actually writing which I will leave notes for here.

1. The gold is called The Flow.

2. The Flow will be important to Aster and Reeve (reflection) and also to Devian and Cassia (dreams).

3. Cassia will develop the same skill as Morlin.

4. The Flow is linked to the Well. Callais is unaware of this, but is affected by it.

5. The High Prophet manipulated a situation between three people in relation to the destined child. She is also responsible for the tangling of prophecy regarding the destined child.

So lots of daydreaming and lots of plotting. On paper it looks like I did nothing, but I actually did a lot. There is a ton of thinking involved in the writing process and it is important to take the time to do it. The trick is not to use that as an excuse not to write!
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It is just after midnight and I got so much accomplished yesterday. I wrote two chapters and 882 words into a third. My total word count for the day was 5663 words. I have hit 40,000 words. 40,938 to be exact.

I have been watching this writer Chris Fox on youtube. He talks about achieving something called flow state, which I have definitely been in before. And was certainly in yesterday. It's when the words just pour out of me, like the story is writing itself.

He also does something he calls writing sprints. I tried that and it was particularly effective. I am glad to really be making some progress the last few days after all my time off.

My wrist hurts really badly, though, from all the typing. I will ice it. Hopefully I can write tomorrow. The only reason I stopped was because I am tired and need to go to bed. I could totally pound out another chapter, but I have to take care of myself or I won't be writing at all.
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I took a 27 day hiatus from writing. I had the worst inflammation of my life with the rheumatoid arthritis, brought on by having to sit in waiting rooms in awful chairs for four days in one week for a combined total of eight hours. It doesn't sound like much, but when you are held in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time your joints just can't take it like a normal person. The flare lasted two and a half weeks and by then I felt like I had lost my writing mojo.

Earlier in the week I was able to do one scene from a regular romance series I've been working on off and on for the last year or so, but today I got back to THE story and wrote chapter thirteen. Just sat down and did it, so things seem to be back. I know exactly what is going to happen in chapter fourteen so all should go smoothly when I get a chance to work on it some more tomorrow.

I was really happy with how this chapter turned out. It felt like such a stumbling chapter at first, but then it straightened itself around when I decided to change the viewpoint of the character it was being shown from. Sometimes one character wants to tell the story far more than another. Sometimes I don't listen to that. But after fighting it for a bit, I went with the other person and it was definitely the right choice.

I have a tendency to want to stay in one person's head, but the story rotates through several different people in several different locations, so I can't do that. I have to pick the ones that would be feeling the most or whose actions in that scene matter the most to the overall story. In this case it could have been one of two people, but it further developed one character and didn't really the other one, so it was better to choose the one it further developed.

I will have to remember that for future reference. I can be stubborn, but so can the story. When that happens, I'll have to see if switching viewpoints improves the flow. It sure did this time.
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I have completed chapter twelve. I am glad that I am continuing to make progress at my less manic pace. It's like I've calmed down into it and while I still want to get it out of my head, the urgency to write, write, write is no longer driving me. I am steadily producing and I think that is better for both my mind and my poor hands. Current word count is 31,682.

I think I am going to not do NaNoWriMo. I don't think I need the added pressure on myself to write. I am writing just fine. Maybe I could produce the word count, maybe I couldn't, but for me it isn't really about that. It's simply about getting the story out at a pace that I am happy with. And since I am currently doing that, I don't see the point. I am motivated now and just don't feel like I need further motivation or the possibility of crashing and burning under the pressure. Not to mention my need to edit after letting chapters sit for a couple of days.

I have a very bright and sometimes precocious nine-year-old in my story that I am having fun with, especially the way she interacts with the adults. She grows up to be very important and will have a great impact on many things, but I have to be careful to include her without allowing her to take over. I keep telling her she will have her time later. But I am also building an important friendship for her with one of the adults who really gets a big kick out of her and encourages her to have opinions. It's quite necessary character building, but I have to get all the other characters' character building done, too, and she just wants to have it all. LOL

She'll go on the back burner after chapter thirteen for a while, though, while her older brothers take center stage. As it should be.
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Well, chapter eleven is completed and I am well into chapter twelve. So pleased that things are rolling again after being stuck so much last week. I've got 29,556 words, so things are definitely going well. Feedback has been positive so far.

I don't feel quite so manic with writing now. I feel more steady and evenly paced. Which is probably good long-term. I have too much stress in my life waiting on my daughter's biopsy results to be bouncing off the walls. Calm is good as long as it produces results.

I am so sick of sitting in waiting rooms, though. It is literally killing my back and tail bone. It is nothing like my comfy Serta desk chair made for 8 hours of continuous use (although six is generally my limit).
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Chapter ten is now complete. It was emotionally draining because I had to put a little girl at the mercy of my big bad. And I had to make her parents make the decision to put here there. It's right for the story, though, and I knew it was coming from the beginning. I didn't actually have any trouble with writing it at all. That chapter came out in 90 minutes of writing and I only took a brief break after the first hour of writing to eat and give myself a little time to get over it and then finish up the chapter and then it finished quite easily.

I won't write anything else on the book tonight, though. I'll start fresh on chapter eleven tomorrow when I've slept and refreshed. It should write quite easily as I have it completely thought out in my head already and it is a much brighter chapter.
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Well, that was a rough weekend. I still wasn't happy with chapter nine and so I rewrote it twice. It is now about 1000 words longer than any other chapter and a lot of stuff hit the cutting room floor, so to speak, but I am quite satisfied with the result. I also wrote an additional 1209 words on chapter ten and it is flowing well now.

Sometimes I just get stuck because a chapter doesn't feel right, it just doesn't sing in the same way as the rest. It's like the difference between a harmonic chord and a discordant chord. The former makes you feel good and the latter makes you sit up and take notice and maybe makes the hairs rise on the back of your neck. Or it does with me, but I am almost as closely connected to music as I am to writing. There is just as often a new song in my head as there is a story to tell, but I seldom transcribe the music. I don't think I could ever share my music the way I share my writing. It's more personal. And writing is darn personal.

I've hit over 25,000 words now. I think that's about 1/4 of the way through the book. I am still thinking about signing up for NaNoWriMo. I've never done it. I guess I have about a week and a half to make up my mind. I'm not sure if I can finish the whole book in that amount of time, but maybe. My problem is I edit and I don't think you are supposed to with NaNo. I write two to three chapters and then I edit. I still think I can hit the word count even with doing that, though.

Amy is beta reading and so is my son and both are being very detailed with feedback. I just sent the first nine chapters to my husband to read, but I don't know when he'll get a chance to. He's going to put it on his phone. I'll definitely need people outside those to beta read as well at some point. It's a little scary going beyond that, though. I know I've had a few other betas before with my DW fanfic, but that was a chapter here and there or a one shot, not a book length story.

It's a little like having someone keep your kid for a week when they are small instead of just baby-sitting them for a couple hours. It's nerve-wracking to even think about it.
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Chapter Nine if finally done. I had to rewrite about half of it, because I did that thing where I was rushing the plot. It is something I do often and I really have to catch myself and stomp all over my writing when I find I'm doing it. It's sort of like when I have the tendency to go way too dark on things and then have to remind myself that I am writing a romance adventure story not a horror story. Although it is okay to throw in little bits of horrifying behavior here and there, I can't twist characters so far that they are complete monsters. There has to be at least one redeeming quality, you know, so they are just mostly monsters.

So even though my big bad is pretty evil, she absolutely loves and adores her husband. It's not like I want to humanize her much, I certainly don't want anyone to feel sympathetic towards her, but having someone without one redeeming quality is like having someone who is perfectly beautiful without a single flaw. There's nothing less relatable in a story than that. Do we really want to read about someone who is absolutely perfect both physically and personality-wise? Or 100% evil? I don't. My big bad's motivation was always power, but it was power she wanted to share with the man she loved. I do think I will have to find one more thing that softens her a little bit, but not so much that you don't get that she will do whatever it takes to reach her ultimate goals.

As I head into chapter ten I am going back and forth on a plot point on whether or not I want to be cruel to two of my characters. I think it would make the book better if I do it, but I just hate to put both of them through it. They are star-crossed and I don't know if they will ever be uncrossed.

My theme song for my big bad is Control by Halsey. It is perfect.

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I got sick over the weekend, but I still managed to write chapters seven and eight and start on chapter nine. I also wrote out a page and a half of back story on one character and wrote a long scene that belongs in book three, so go me.

I think my hands are finally starting to get used to all the typing. While I still have to ice them after a writing binge, I don't have to do it for as long.

At this point I think I am averaging about two chapters every three days. I don't know if that kind of pace can continue, but I certainly hope so.

I've got a bit more on the agenda than usual. Aside from taking my Mom to physical therapy twice a week, my daughter is having a procedure done at the hospital. I really hope it will fix her or at least find out what needs fixing.
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Book Three intruded today and it wasn't going to let me write chapter seven until I got out this huge scene. It was massively emotional and by the time I was done with it I was gutted. I mean, tears streaking down my face and having to go in search of my husband to talk me down, gutted. I love this couple so much and they simply can't be together and it is breaking them both down so much. I feel so bad for them and they aren't even real people. But if I didn't torture them it would not be the love story it is. That was close to 1500 words.

Meanwhile, I had a massive revelation about another character which led to so much back story that I'm not sure what to do with it all. It might lead to a prequel to the trilogy or it might just be flashbacks. I do not know. This thing has a freaking mind of its own. This wasn't an actual scene, just a series of ideas that cascaded that I had to get down. That was another 1000 words.

So I didn't get anything done on chapter seven yet. I may still write some tonight, but I have to ice my hands first. Chapter seven is now being quite insistent since the other stuff is now out of the way. At the very least I will get it done early in the afternoon tomorrow. I have nothing on the agenda but writing for this weekend.

All of this story is just whirling and swirling around in my brain and making me so happy and giving me feels and making me just so joyful to be lost in it all.
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Chapter six is complete. It ended up being a little longer than I expected, but I had to introduce two new characters. One's a little high strung, but the laid back one makes up for it. I made up a character list today just so I can keep the bloodlines from getting tangled in my own head and remember who is connected to who. It's not finished, but there are four pages. The list is for the full trilogy, not just the first book. I've cast some of the characters with actors as well, just so I have in mind more fully what everyone looks like. It's helpful, although I think I'd like to print them out and make a big chart with photos, names, powers, and familial connections and put it on the wall while I'm working on it. I think that would be very useful.

Word count for the first book is at 15,057 words. That's an average of about 2500 words per chapter, though some are longer, some are shorter. 2000 to 3000, depending on the story, is about what I averaged when I was writing Doctor Who fanfic for a chapter, so it feels right.

Well, onwards to chapter six. I think I'll keep documenting as I go. I think I'll like to have that to look back on when I'm done. Hopefully book one will continue to behave itself and not have book three jump in again demanding I write scenes. I really want to keep this on track, but I'll go whether the writing takes me. At least I'm writing. I had forgotten what a balm to the soul it is.
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I wrote 1500 words on chapter six today and I know exactly what will be happening in the rest of the chapter and all of chapter seven, so I'm good to write for a good chunk of the day tomorrow. Or later today, since it is one a.m.

I also came up with a very evil plot twist for the the second book. One of those ones that just make you go, "Ooooooo," and shudder a bit. Or at least it makes me do that. It was one of the loosey goosey places in the plot, one that just sort of had a place holder idea that was very general and this made is super specific. So I filed that away and got back to writing.

I did have to ice my hands last night because I've been doing so much typing. It was a lot easier to write for days on end before the rheumatoid arthritis began to flare up a year ago. Still, I will persevere, because right now it is a choice between doing that or sacrificing my mental health.


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