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October 2014. That's the last time I wrote fanfiction. Until today. I have 983 words on the next chapter of Leap of Faith. And I'm inspired. Not just for this chapter, but for the rest of the story. I went away from Doctor Who for a while. I haven't even watched the most recent season. But for some reason I decided to reread Leap of Faith and when I got to the end, well...I want to know what happens next. And since I am the only person who can tell this tale, that's up to me, isn't it? So I sat down and started writing. It's time to see where Toshiko and Owen's relationship is going to go, while they fight for survival in orbit around Neptune. It's time to get back to John and Rose. It's time to see if Martha is going to turn Mickey's head, if Jane will inconveniently give birth at the most inappropriate time, if Marcie will start to age forward again, if Mayumi's regression remains stable, if Gabe's picogenes can be removed from Rose, and whether or not Mike Yates' anger at the Doctor will cause him to reveal John's true identity, destroying everything he's built with Rose.
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Life has been ridiculously busy around here. Who knew there was just so much crazy involved in selling a house? We are in the home stretch, though. Now we just have to get someone from the bank out there to do an appraisal and say whether or not they will give the buyers the loan. I hope so. It's worth $17K more than the price they are paying. If that goes well then we are on track for closing this month, possibly sooner than the contracted end date of the 26th.

Crazy farm stuff continues as well. Our current count of critters is 2 turkeys, 9 chickens, 7 ducks, and 14 rabbits. We lost Sienna, but I am growing up one of her doe kits, Ruby. Ruby is almost 5 months old. I won't be keeping her long term unless she settles down, but I want a doe kit out of her. We didn't work with her as a baby on socialization because we hadn't planned on keeping any kits from that litter, so she's more skittish than I like for day to day dealing. But we can start with a doe kit from her from day one.

This is one of the rare Februarys where DH will be home for my birthday. He gets late Wednesday night on the 11th, and the 12 is my birthday. That almost never happens. He'll also be home for my son's birthday in March and our 20th wedding anniversary also in March.

I am planning my spring garden. I've already got garlic, chives, and some small onions coming up. We've had a ridiculously mild winter, unlike everyone else in the country.

I haven't been writing much. But I've gotten an idea for a novel so may start working on that soon. It is one of those ideas that won't get out of my head. I hope to also finish The Watchmaker's Daughter, but I've kind of lost my Who muse. I hate having so many unfinished stories around, but what am I going to do? If it won't write, it won't write.
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Is there anyone on my f-list who is watching The Flash and has also watched Arrow. I've never watched Arrow, but in episode 104 there's a character named Felicity that obviously has a history of some sort with Barry. They showed a couple flash backs that definitely are not from The Flash. So what's the deal there? I really don't want to watch Arrow, but if there is an episode or two of Arrow that kind of introduced the character of Barry and had him interacting with those guys, what episodes were they so I can see if I can watch them and fill in the gaps?
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Title: The Watchmaker's Daughter (10/?)
Author: [ profile] amberfocus
Characters/Pairings: The Tenth Doctor(John Smith)/Rose Tyler, Pete Tyler, Martha Jones, Joan Redfern, Timothy Lattimer, various original characters
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, HN/FOB rewrite
Rating: Teen (for now, may go up later)
Betas: [ profile] amyo67, [ profile] thetesh
Summary: At the Doomsday wall an unexpected twist of fate sends Rose and Pete Tyler back to 1913 instead of to the parallel universe. While the Doctor and Martha are hiding from the Family of Blood at Farringham School for Boys the Tylers try to make a life for themselves in the nearby village.
Author's Notes: Recognizable dialogue is from the episode Human Nature though the characters saying it might be switched about a bit.

Previous Chapters:

Chapter Ten )
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Well, ch. 10 of The Watchmaker's Daughter has been finished and sent to beta. I wasn't sure I was ever going to be able to start writing again, but it sure feels good to be doing so.
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Word count for today is: 568 words
Combined with yesterday's word count: 1466 words

To finish the chapter I need at least another 1000 words. Maybe tomorrow I'll get the chapter done.
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Well, I seem to writing again. It's not much, but so far today I've written 663 words on The Watchmaker's Daughter. For the first time in I don't know how long, I don't have any babies due to be born on the farm and all existing babies are out of the danger zone. And I'm not blocked. So hopefully that means it'll start to come easily. Today was a little tough getting started, but I wrote for 20 minutes straight. I'll try to get in another hour tonight. Neither kid has any homework so I don't have to help. No idea when I'll finish this chapter, but I've got it completely plotted in my head, so I am hopeful that it will be up this week.

ETA: Finished the night with 898 words and a clear idea of where I'll be picking up again tomorrow. So far, so good.
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I can't believe I haven't been on LJ in a week. Well, actually I can. It has been pretty darn crazy around here lately. It's been 2 weeks since my daughter fractured her skull and we had her follow up appointment. The place where she hit her head was directly behind the vision processing center of the brain so we weren't sure what that was going to mean for her eyesight. In the beginning she had blurred vision, double vision, and tunnel vision and there was the risk that it would be permanent. Fortunately it is not. It has cleared up and it looks like she is going to be fine there. Her prescription on her glasses may need to be adjusted, but she's not reading much yet, so we don't know for sure. But a minor script change is nothing compared to what it might have been.

I am so grateful to you guys and so many others for keeping her in your prayers. It means a lot to me. I believe it has helped in so many ways and it has certainly boosted her spirits to know that so many total strangers to her would take the time to do this for her. So thank you so much. I always knew you folks were awesome, but this just reinforces that.
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Prayer request please for my daughter who has fractured her skull and tailbone when she slipped in the creek at the park and fell on the rocks. She has a bad concussion (worse than the one my son had when he was 12 and you know how bad that was). They do think she will be okay, and the CT scan did not show swelling in the brain, but it will be a long time to heal. She is coherent, but has lost most of her memories of Saturday. Mostly it is just very painful. The good news is that she did not break her ankle or elbow and her ribs are just bruised, not cracked.
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2 swear words if you watch it in front of kids.

The House

Jul. 1st, 2014 06:59 pm
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We have a bite on the house. Please, please pray for us that this will be the buyer and we can get this thing sold, get out of limbo, and restart our lives again.
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A very interesting musical story thing. I really love this sort of alternative to live TV. It deals with depression, bullying, mental health, parental death, and parental abandonment. But it is really good. My favorite part is when all 5 kids are sitting around the table having dinner and singing about how hard it all is to have been abandoned by their dad after their mom died. Especially the youngest.

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Oh, look, it is actually Tuesday and I am posting this on the proper day. Go me. This is more of a general Doctor vid, Nine, Ten, and Eleven, with all of the companions. It basically is one of the saddest things I've seen though. It just makes me want to hug the poor man. He really has had some horrible things happen to him. Of course half of them are brought on by his own poor choices. The vid is by Liisakee.

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Yes, I know it is Thursday, but I found this vid by xMemoryLanex3 several weeks ago and I keep forgetting to actually post it on a Tuesday. This one really reminds me of how bittersweet the relationship was between the Doctor and Rose, both with Nine and Ten. This one doesn't just make me sad, it has moments of light as well, but predominantly it makes me weepy, so it qualifies. And I really, really love this song.

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The waiting is over. The adoption of my great niece has gone through. She is officially the daughter of my niece and nephew-in-law. She's been part of the family for a year now, but it is nice to know that now no one can ever take her away. Everyone is breathing a big sigh of relief, especially my niece, who has waited 6 years to become a mother. Adoption is a wonderful, beautiful thing.
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I don't know if many people are still on LJ, but if anyone is still around, I have this quote from some show or movie, I'm not sure which that has been driving me crazy trying to remember. It's something along the lines of the guy saying he's going to get out of the girl's way and the girl saying something like "What if I'm okay with having you in my way?" or "What if I like having you in my way?" or "I've kind of gotten used to you being in my way."

Does anyone have any clue what this is from? And what the exact quote is?
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I am annoyed that two of my mid-season replacement shows are cancelled. First Believe, because seriously how can anyone not love Bo? Or Tate? Or Channing? I mean come on.

Worse than that is Star-Crossed and not just because it ended on some major cliff-hangers. Because where else am I going to get my teenage space opera? I mean, futuristic, check. Romeo and Juliet between a teenage alien and human, check. Mixed species teenage pregnancy, check. Earth in jeopardy, check. Really hot looking actors that are far too old to play high school students but nobody cares because they are really hot looking, check. It makes me pout, because I like my teenage soapy shows from the CW, and lets face it, The Vampire Diaries kids are not getting any younger.

At least The 100 was picked up. Because if there is anything I like better than futuristic teenage soaps with aliens on the CW, it is apocalyptic futuristic teenage soaps on the CW. And it is getting better as it goes along. At first I was mildly interested, but now I am really interested. Especially between what happens with the grounder Lincoln and the 100's Octavia. They've set up a real us against everyone else vibe. I hope it settles Octavia a bit, because this is guy #3 and we are only on episode 10. Well, I'm only on episode 9, but 10 is out. Almost the same set up as alien/human, but more original Earth inhabitant/space station survivor 100 years after the war. And I do like Clarke and Finn and possibly Clarke and Bellamy. Though I do still think Clarke is a really weird first name for a girl. And Dichen Lachman is Lincoln's clan chieftess or whatever and I always love to see her in anything from Dollhouse to Torchwood Miracle Day to Being Human (American version). Hopefully she'll be around for a bit.

Not much all to add. The menagerie is doing well. We are currently at 4 Royal Palm turkey poults (who love to be pet), 4 Barnevelder pullet chicks, 7 adult laying hens (3 Auracana, 1 silver laced wing Wyandotte, 1 black Australorp, 1 golden sex link, and 1 white leghorn) 5 Welsh Harlequin ducks, 4 Pekin ducks, 4 New Zealand Red rabbits, 8 New Zealand White adult rabbits, 3 junior whites (we will only be keeping one of the juniors), 10 six week old white kits, 4 2.5 week old white kits, 3 chestnut agouti kits, and 2 chocolate agouti kits. The agoutis are also 2.5 weeks old and are from a Phoebe (white) and Wildfire (red) breeding.

Oh, and 14 rainbow ranger meat chickens, and 29 Cornish Cross meat chickens in various stages of growing out. I will be glad when the summer is over and the numbers go down again and the chores do, too, but it is worthwhile raising our own and knowing where it comes from and that they grew up in a good environment with fresh air and sunshine and grass and clover beneath their feet.

Life is exhausting but good.


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