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This Master Fic List is Under Construction.  I will be adding links in on a daily basis, so bear with me while I get this up to speed.  It is 99% completed at this point.  It is mostly Doctor Who and broken down by Doctor, but my meager Fringe and Castle drabbles are at the end.

If it's labelled adult it has graphic or semi-graphic sex in it.  If it is labelled Teen it might have fade to black sex, innuendoes, non-graphic sex or the discussion of sex.  All ages should be self-explanatory.  A couple are further labelled with darker themes/issues.  If a fic is marked with a * it means it is not up on Teaspoon.

Ninth Doctor

Just Another Shop Girl (Rewrite in Progress)

Always Ask Twice  Teen

Take it Back  Adult/Pushing consent issues

Caught in the Act  Teen

Wash Day  Adult

Nightmare to a Dream  Adult

Treading Water  Adult

Uninhibited  Adult

The Prettiest Rose on Prometheus  Adult

You’re What? Adult

A Question of Innocence  Teen

Break  Adult

That Which One Cannot Be Without  Adult, Discussion of past torture may be disturbing to some readers

I Believe in Santa Claus  Teen

Shredded  Adult

What is Mine  Adult/Dark Themes may be disturbing to some readers
A Lesson in Diplomacy  Adult
What Else is Different?  Adult  
The Most Important Woman in the Universe Teen
Another Day, Another Elephant  Teen
This Alien of London  Adult
The Other Side of the Door AdultNC-17 
Breaking Up is Hard to Do  Teen 
Shiver and Burn  Adult NC-17
Proof Positive  Adult
Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force  Adult
Somewhere Nice  Teen
Lovers' Games:  Adult
Ninth Doctor Drabble Spree Drabbles:  All ages through Teen*
Three Hour Tour:  Adult 
Not a Monster:  Teen

Better With You Series

1.    Wolf Moon  NC-17, graphic sex, violent bonding may be disturbing to some readers

2.    Hunger Moon NC-17, graphic sex 

3.    Pink Moon  (Forthcoming)

4.    Chaste Moon  (Forthcoming)

Bodies in Motion

1.    Body Paint  Teen/Dark Themes may be disturbing to some readers

2.    Body Glitter  Adult

3.    Body Heat  Adult
4.  Body Language  Adult 

Leap of Faith 'verse
          1.  Third Time's the Charm  Teen
          2.  Leap of Faith

Tenth Doctor

A Life Unexpected  Teen

Unguarded  Adult

Of the Vortex Born  (Work in Progress) Adult

Lost Chance  All Ages
Just Missed  All Ages 

Her Miracles  All Ages

That Night on Betazorn 9  Teen

A Dangerous Creature? Not So Much  Teen

Bit of A Change  Adult

Not So Secret Identity  Teen
Brown Eyelashes  Teen
So Much at Stake  Adult 
Unexpected Outcome  Adult 
Staking His Claim  Adult
Living This Life Day After Day Adult
We Are Relentless  Teen (contains Ten2 as well as Ten)
Tenth Doctor and Ten2 Drabble Spree Drabbles  All ages through Teen*
Worth It:  Teen
Reassurance:  Teen*
Four Times Rose Tyler Avoided Paperwork and the One Time She Didn't Want To:  Teen*  

Time Eternal Series

1.    A Place in Time  Adult

2.    To Call Our Own  Adult

3.    Dare to Discover  Teen

4.    You Reap What You Sow  Adult

5.    Repercussions 

6.    In This Darkness Tumbles Hope (Work in Progress)  Adult 

Take Me Series

1.    Take Me Dancing  Adult

2.    Take Me Fishing  Adult

3.    Take Me Soaring  Adult

4.    Take Me Swimming  Adult

5.    Take Me Spelunking  Adult

Ninth/Tenth Doctors

Elements of Rose  All Ages

Lies He Tells Himself

Crossing Boundaries
The Boundaries of Consent  Adult/dominant!Nine/pushing consent issues

Pushing the Boundaries  Teen
The Boundaries of Temptation  Adult
The Boundaries of Desire (forthcoming)  

Moments in Darkness Series

1.    Need  Teen

2.    Want  Teen

3.    Frustration  Teen

4.    Pain  Teen

5.    Have  Adult  NC-17

6.    Change  Adult

7.    Devastate  Teen

8.    Guilt  Teen

9.    Fragile  Teen

10. Hope  Teen

11. Doubt  Teen

12. Forgotten  Teen
13.  Pride  Teen
14.  Loss
15.  Trust  
16.  Knowing  
16.  Fear  
17.  Ache 
18.  Love
19.  Faith  

Jack’s Path Series

1.    Post Pomp  Teen

2.    Post Pomp Post Script  All Ages

3.    Andromeda Rising (Work in Progress)  Adult

4.  Blitzed (forthcoming)

10.5 Doctor

Counting  Teen

Second Chances  All Ages
In All the Ways that Matter Most  Adult
In.  Out.  Adult 
This Must be What Dying's Like: Teen
One of Those American Romance Cowboy Western Things:  Adult

Forward Steps Along the Path Series

1.    Sacrifice  Teen

2.    Defunct  Teen

3.    Rekindle  Teen

4.    Inflame  Adult

5.    Spark  Teen
6.  Glow  Teen 

The Zeppelins ‘verse

1.    A Sky Without Zeppelins  NC-17, graphic sex 

2.    A Sky Without Stars (Work in Progress)  Adult 

3.    Drabbles
In a Heartbeat  Adult
This is Their Forever  Teen
Flying Colors  All Ages
Second Wind  Adult
Desperate  Adult

4.    Outakes
Condom Shopping  Teen
Study Break  Adult NC-17
Before She Says Yes  Teen


A Better Man  Teen

A Lesser Woman  Teen

Acceptance  Teen

Eleventh Doctor

Fades to Black  All Ages
Unfinished Business  (Doctor Who Crossover with Heroes):  Teen, Claude Rains, Eleven/Rose, Amy/Rory)


Salvation Triad
     1. Losing Salvation  All Ages 
     2. Without Salvation  All Ages 
     3.  Restoring Salvation  All Ages

Her Miracles  All Ages
Gamble  All Ages
Eleventh Hour  All Ages
Shimmer  Teen
In Darkness  Teen
Holding  All Ages
Her Smile  All Ages
Tracing  Teen
Green-Eyed  All Ages
Not Him  All Ages 
Jack's Fault  Teen 
Chocolate Mousse All Ages 
Stay  All Ages 
Unappreciated  All Ages 
Only One Way  All Ages
I Dare You  Teen 
A Moment  All Ages
Real Thing  Teen
Breathless  Teen

Smut Drabbles

Finding Home  Adult
Inhale  Adult
Exhale  Adult
Within  Adult
Calloused Hands  Adult
Rescue  Adult
Only Him  Teen
Enough  Adult 
Still  Adult
She Offers This  Adult NC-17
Taking Turns  Adult
Teasing  Adult
Territorial  Adult
Crowded  Adult
Wings  Teen 

On Frustration  Teen
Nine Muse is Back  Teen
A Strange Place to Visit  Teen
My Brain--You Don't Want to Go There  Teen

Other Fandoms

Friendship  All Ages, Walter, Astrid, Drabble, Gen

Explosion  All ages, Alexis Castle, Richard Castle, Drabble, Hurt/comfort, Gen
Coffee Teen, Kate/Rick
Lost Teen, Kate/Rick

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