Sep. 1st, 2016

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Anyone else watch Stranger Things on Netflix? This show was amazing. It really put me in mind of The Goonies, only darker. And with more time period inappropriate swearing from kids aged eleven and twelve. I mean, I was twelve and thirteen in 1983, so that's my time period and my age. Even the bad kids didn't talk like that very much. Kids today, yes. Kids then, no way. If a child swore they were immediately chastised by any adult around (which happened once in the show). In fact if a kid said crap they were chastised. And while kids did swear, it was on occasion and only in times of great stress or to try to impress other kids. It wasn't used the way they used it here or casually like it is today. It only bothers me so much because every other detail of the 1983 setting felt so right, the clothes, the music, the hair styles, the tape decks, the grocery store worker uniforms, the school, and the cars.

They cast well, too. Really well. Not only was the acting amazing, the families looked like families. They cast Mike and Nancy so well I actually thought they could be brother and sister. Same with Jonathan and Will as brothers and their mother Joyce all had physical similarities. Each boy resembled the mother in different ways, resembled each other less except at the eyes, but enough to see what looked like a blood tie. Siblings in shows and movies often look so different that it is hard to see why any casting director would try to pass them off as family. (The cast of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, while a wonderful cast, is a prime example of casting people who resemble each other in no way whatsoever, making it much harder to believe they are a family).

It was a grand adventure in the sci-fi/fantasty realm. Alternate reality, a monster, nerdy (but a little too attractive to be true nerds) kids who overcome, mind powers, a big bad government entity doing shadowy unethical things, a good cop with a bad attitude and a mother on the edge of mental illness who isn't wrong about the crazy going on around her. It was so well written.

I ship Nancy and Jonathan (even if there was a bit of questionable stalkerishness there in the beginning). Steve can go off himself. Last minute redemption so does not count. Also Eleven and Mike, but on a chaste level, because of their ages.

I think I am going to rewatch the season and maybe do an in-depth review of each ep. It is only 8 episodes and definitely worth a second whirl.

Also, can I just say, Winona Ryder, welcome to your comeback. Also something from the 1980's I am happy to see again.


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