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I've had a story in my head for, more or less, the last four years. It's not come to much of anything over that time period, other than an idea I knew I wanted to develop at one point. Well, for reasons that have much to do with my recent foray down the rabbit hole of Labyrinth fanvids and fanfiction and such, and more that whole epic fantasy of a girl going from one world, normal Earth, to another, I pulled together every scrap of it that I'd written over the years, decided I couldn't use much of it, but the basic tenant and a few lines of clever dialogue, and spent about a week trying to figure out exactly where I thought this thing should go.

Then I built a playlist, songs that seemed to take me there, on youtube. Then I wrote a three book synopsis. I built the families. I built the world. I image cast my main characters to fully realize them in my head. And finally over the last two days I have sat down to write. Nearly 5000 words in and yes, I think this might actually be something. I have that writer's mania right now, that need to get the words out of my head at a rapid clip. Last time I had that I wrote Wolf Moon in 2 months.

I want to get these stories out of me as the characters are talking non-stop in my head most of the time right now. Sometimes it is like a walking dream and I have to pull myself back to reality. I'm giving myself two hours a day of uninterrupted time to write. Or at least as uninterrupted as I can make it be. It's not whofic, but it feels powerful, like a story begging to be told. And I want to tell it. I've wanted to tell it for years. It's just taken this long for it to find its true voice. I hope it stays. This is one rabbit hole I want to keep going down.
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